Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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General Questions

1) What is the Difference between CPC, CPM, CPV and CPI advertising?

CPC advertising (also known as pay per click):  You pay each time your advertisement is clicked on. The price per click depends on the amount of money you are willing to pay each time your ad gets clicked on.

CPM advertising (also known as cost per thousand impressions): You’re paying for every thousandth impression that your banner ad is displayed to the user  impressions are counted whenever your ad is viewed by the user, whether they click on the ad or not).

CPV advertising (also known as cost per view): You’re paying for every time a user views your advertising page.

CPI advertising (also known as cost per interstitial), You’re paying for every time a user views your advertising page through the interstitial ad format (full page ad).

2) Please define Contextual Advertising?

Contextual Advertising is also known as targeted advertising. Our advertising network will place your ads on sites that have content related to your business. For example, if a visitor is viewing a website about green living products, then ads on that website will only display green living related products to that visitor or visitors. Contextual advertising also is used by search engines to display ads on their search results pages based on what word(s) the users has searched for.

Billing Questions

3) How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On The Cpm Network?

You are in full control when determining how much you are willing to spend for your ad campaign(s). You can specify how much of your budget you would like allocated as well as the amount that you are willing to pay. All rates are in US dollars. To signup as an advertiser, the minimum deposit is $10. You can set a daily spend limit, or let it go until you spend your deposit. The choice is yours.

4) How can I pay in order to start running my ads?

1.) Paypal (click on deposit funds on left hand corner in your advertiser’s panel. The minimum deposit to start a campaign is $10). You DO NOT need to signup for a Paypal account in order to make secure payments. Paypal is the number one leading payment processing company that processes all payments securely via online. With Paypal you can use your bank account, credit or bank card.

2.) Mail in Check or Money Order. (Contact us for more information on how to make payments by mailing in a check or money order). Please note: Your check/money order must be in the exact amount of your purchase, no refunds are given. Your check/money order must clear before your account will be funded. Your account will remain on hold until funds have cleared, this can take up to one week.

Campaign Questions

5) When do my ads start running?

Upon account sign-up, you can start creating your campaign(s). All new advertisers will go through a campaign verification. Once you are verified, your campaigns will go live the same day. A phone verification may be required to begin your campaign, if we have questions. (Repeat customers don’t have to go through the phone verification.) Campaigns are normally verified daily, but if you sign up on a weekend, or holiday, there may be a delay.

6) Where will my advertisements appear?

Your ad will appear on the content sites within our ad network and the search network. Our innovative technology scans our publisher’s websites and content, which ensures that your ad(s) are placed only on the specific page or pages that contains content targeted to your audiences. You select these targeted options when you set up your ad(s).

Other Questions

7) How Does Your Company Prevent Fraud?

Our advanced advertising technology analyzes every impression and click to determine whether they are high quality traffic or artificially generated traffic. The system will automatically identify and filter all invalid traffic in real time, based on the visitor patterns. To ensure the accuracy of our validation system, our ad traffic control team will examine all the web traffic on a daily basis. Any suspicious visitors will be removed and credited back to your account.